Optical Inspection

Optical Inspection

  Linkglobal21 offers metrology products, optic system and accessories for a wide range of semiconductor & processing and thin film metrology applications, including materials analysis, monitoring and thickness measurements.


  The automotive and consumer goods industries, mechanical engineering, the electronics and solar industries, and drive technology are the target industries within the factory automation business field.

  Non-contact sensors, camera systems, encoders, and distance measurement systems all serve to control manufacturing, packaging, and assembly processes, to carry out quality assurance, and to ensure machine safety.

Semiconductor & Display

  Linkglobal21 takes a lead role in front-end processing of wafers with reliable, miniaturized solutions

for users  in the cleanroom, as well as in vacuum or in aggressive chemical environments.

We offer comprehensive and  sound expertise – also in solving application-specific, individual tasks.

Optical Inspection

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